Welcome!  My name is Clare and welcome to The Lifestyle Curve.

This blog documents my journey towards a new way of living.   I believe that healthy living can be achieve through knowledge – continually educating yourself to find sustainable ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  As well as experience – seeing the changes in your body and mind; celebrating the successes and driving through the challenges that make you stronger and stronger each day.

I have given up on the idea of dieting and embraced making smart food decisions along with including physical activity to my daily routine.

More about me:

I am a marketing junkie.  I love brand management, product marketing, event planning, and customer relationship management.  You will see many of my favourite products and brands featured in my posts.

My other interests include beauty, relationships, equality, music, and my favourite city in the world: Toronto.  Expect that all of these topics will be included in this blog.

I hope you enjoy the content and it inspires you to continue your journey or inspires you to make a change.



One thought on “About

  1. HI, Clare! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow. I hope you are able to benefit from it. Regarding ‘dieting’ the original meaning of the word ‘diet’ comes from the Greek or Latin dieata which means ‘way of life.’ Don’t think or a diet as not eating something(s) think of it as the way you plan to live and eat going forward. What passes as a diet for most folks only last two weeks anyway. Forget that.

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