Promoting Wellness at Work

A few months ago I became a wellness champion at work!

The role of a wellness champion is to promote health and wellness in the workplace.

I think it’s a great way to get more positivity in the office, promote a team environment and create happier, healthier employees.

As I have previously posted, my company has a wellness tool called Sprout. It is a website where you can track your fitness and nutrition choices and earn points. Points aren’t just for bragging rights, for every level of points you obtain, you receive a number of ballots to be entered into a draw to win an extra week of paid vacation. Exercise, eat well and I could win extra vacation time? That’s a win win situation to me!

As a champion we are organizing some in office events to get the ball rolling:

Yoga in the Office

Last Friday, we hosted our first in office yoga class! We took over our merchandising room and replaced office chairs and tables with yoga mats.  It was the perfect way to end the week!  All of the 9 participants really enjoyed the session and we are looking to host regular sessions in the office.  Word has made it around the office and we have many more associates who are interested in joining!yoga10 Week Wellness Challenge

Much like the biggest loser; it is a 10 week challenge to see how much percentage of body weight you can lose.

We are currently on week 4. Two Fridays ago was the second weigh in and I lost 1.6 pounds in two weeks – off to a good start!  Departments are competing against each other which is creating a lot of friendly competition and motivating everyone to work hard to their team achieve the highest percentage of weight-loss.

Random Fitness Challenges

(First up: The Push Up Challenge)

I would like to create challenges that are not intimidating, but allow participants to try something new and build their strength over time.

Week 1 of the push up challenge would require participants to perform 10 reps of push ups per day for 7 days.  These reps can be done against a wall, on an exercise ball, on your knees or toes.  Any fitness level can complete this challenge.  Week 2 requires 20 reps per day, week 3 requires 30 reps and so on – until we get to 4 or 5 weeks.  After each week is completed and a new week begins, participants will be encouraged to challenge themselves by performing reps at a higher intensity.  So, if they started week 1 doing push ups standing up against a wall, in week 2, try performing push ups on the knees.  If in the previous week they performed push ups on knees, try it on an exercise ball or on the toes.

The goal is to build strength and realise how that strength can be built in a short amount of time.  All it takes is dedication and daily practice.

These types of competitions can be done with so many exercises like squats, sit ups, planks etc.

When associates participate In these events they get Sprout bonus points and those points earned go towards the chance to win that extra week of vacation.

Other events we are looking to plan include a healthy pot luck lunch, more team challenges, and dance lessons!

I encourage anyone who has a passion for living well to speak to management at their company and start promoting wellness in the workplace.  It’s more than just about being physically healthy, it also promotes unity and more positive energy in a place that you can spend more time in than your own home!
If you have any wellness events happening at your workplace, please let me know I would love to hear some new ideas!


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