Recap of the Toronto Fitness Challenge!


On June 1, I participated in my first Toronto Fitness Challenge.  I raised $125 in support of the Sick Kids Foundation.  I was under my goal of $300, but still happy that I had great support from friends to help contribute to the healthy and happy kids initiative.

The event was held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  My pass gave me access to the Toronto Pro Show, the fitness challenge events, as well as competitions and demonstrations of sports like kickboxing, weight lifting, CrossFit, boxing and fitness modelling.

I tried new fitness programs including Stratusphere Yoga with Trish Stratus (the former wrestler) and CrossBell Fitness.  Stratusphere Yoga was a combination of flow yoga and strength training.  I love flow yoga and adding the element of strength training was enough to make you break a sweat.  The pictures below are from

Stratusphere Yoga

CrossBell is a new routine for me.  That was a really challenging class.  I selected 5 pound Crossbells and we performed routines using a bar and crossbells, Tabata drills and work with a free-weight crossbell.  Now that was a sweat session!  Pictures below are from CrossBell Fitness’ Facebook Page.

Crossbell Fitness

I loved the fact that the sweat sessions that I attended weren’t so big.  It was easy to follow the instructor’s direction and view the demonstration.  The space also made it easy for the instructors to walk around, correct your form and motivate you to keep working.  Another plus is that many of the companies had promotions on their products or services.  I received a free pass to try Stratusphere Yoga in their own studio and found out a special offer for Bootcamp in Toronto – 30 days of unlimited classes for $30.  I’ll be taking advantage of that!  I am also ready to try CrossFit.

Attending the event is a perfect example of how physical activity can change your outlook on life:

It makes you get out of your comfort zone:  Fitness drives me to keep changing it up.  I didn’t know what to expect from the challenge but I am glad I took the plunge to try it on my own.

Take the initiative, don’t wait for anyone:  I could have convinced a friend to come with me, but this was my interest.  It is a lot easier to attend and enjoy on my own.  Don’t be afraid to take on new opportunities because you don’t want to do it alone.  Having the support of someone else is great, but you will miss out on new opportunities because of a fear of doing it alone.

Be open to try new things:  going to the show has shown me some new work outs.  Power Yoga that promotes stretching along with strength training and a kettle bell type work out that was really challenging.  Because they had so many sports and fitness routines on display it was a great way to look for new sports to try.  Soo… now I am looking forward to trying CrossFit and Bootcamp with Fit Factory Fitness in Toronto.

Looking forward to the next challenge!


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