Making Healthy Living a Priority Everywhere You Go

I’ve made it through the first week at my new job!  I got a promotion at work and now I am working in a different division of the company in Markham, Ontario.

I feel nothing but positivity at my new location.  My team is great and the people I’ve met have been very nice and welcoming.  A perfect example of the good vibrations that I have experienced at the new office:  I was saying good morning to one of the Category Managers and at the end of our conversation he said, let’s make today a great day.

I love when people make an effort to make the workplace a positive environment.  Sometimes, it feels like we’re at the office just as much as we are at home.  If you create a positive environment with your colleagues and guests in the workplace, you can make the office almost as comfortable as your home.

So, the new office is great!  It has beautiful grounds and an in house gym with 5 circuit training machines, stability balls, a step, resistance bands, a rack of free weights and more – everything a fit chick needs!

The new location is  about 44km from my home, which meant I had to plan travel and plan on how I am going to incorporate healthy living into my new schedule.  Here is how I will make sure that my health is still a top priority in my new routine:

Preparing meals for the week:  I prepare and pack meals on Sundays so I don’t have to worry about preparing any food during the week.

Open Gym Membership:  I am a member of GoodLife Fitness.  I have a corporate membership that allows me to go to any gym in my province.  There is a gym 3.9km from work that I can get to for evening classes.  No matter where I am, I can bring my gym bag with me and get a workout in.  This week I did Body Pump on Monday and Body Attack on Friday.

Lunch time workouts:  I am going to use lunchtime to do a bit of cardio and focus on strength training.  This week during lunch I completed 5-10 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical, along with strength training for arms, shoulders, legs and core.  (I’ll share some of my routines very soon!)

Another plus is the company has a program called Sprout.  It’s an online wellness tool that encourages employees to make healthy choices including eating well, exercising and sleeping well and tracking your progress with some friendly competition with work mates.

I have been asked how I manage to make my health a priority and for me – it is exactly that.  I believe that fitness and eating well is just as important as going to work every day to make a living.  That awareness wasn’t always there.  In the beginning I had to push myself beyond just not wanting to do it.  After being consistent with diet and exercise I created a habit and saw the results.  I have stuck with it and now I know that if I want continue to feel good and look good, I have to make this a part of my life, for the rest of my life.

On to week to at the new job.. hopefully I won’t be saying any of this…



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