5k Running Plan, Week 1


Trying to fit the training plan into my regular fitness schedule has proven to be tough.  I completed one hour of Body Attack on Monday then got on the treadmill for 30 minutes using a beginner interval workout created by Pop Sugar Fitness.  Body Attack is a high intensity interval training that burns on average 700 calories and leaves you feeling pretty exhausted by the end of it.  Pushing through 30 minutes of jogging and running after the class was definitely a challenge.  When I begin week 2, if I am feeling totally ‘attacked’ from Body Attack, I will complete a walk outside for 30 minutes.

Day One take-aways (lessons learned):

  • Print the interval plan before going for a run on the treadmill.  Trying to read it on your phone is too distracting and it may cause you to reach for your phone or hit your headphone chord by accident and cause your phone to go flying off of the treadmill and across the room (just speaking from experience).
  • Stretch or Die!  I did 15 minutes of stretching before bed.  This wasn’t enough or my body was in so much shock because I was incredibly sore the next day.
  •  Fill up on vitamins! I am doing my best to consume foods that help promote bone strength like .  When I find I am not getting enough through my diet, I take a calcium/magnesium supplement as well as vitamin D.
  • Need..more… water! To prevent dehydration, moisturize my joints and promote strong muscles!


Tuesday was the first of April!  I ditched the gym and completed a 35 minute walk outdoors.  It felt really good to start April outdoors without snow and cold temperatures.  It was so nice to be in the fresh air.  I downloaded the Run Keeper app.  It tracks run time, distance, a map of your run (perfect for when you get lost) and the amount of calories burned.


Day two lessons:

  • Having a sedentary job is brutal for sore legs.  I am focusing on stretching at my desk as much as possible and taking every opportunity to get up and move around.
  • Since the leg soreness was so bad, I did Yoga!   Pop Sugar Fitness has been my go to for at-home exercise routines.  This video is extra special because it made me realise that I really like flow/vinyasa yoga because of the constant transitions/movements from pose to pose.


Wednesday and Thursday I did not complete my planned training outside of walking to and from work and doing some at home strength training.  This is a perfect example of what happens to so many of us when starting a new challenge.  We make big plans to stick to a routine and things come up.  We get tired, have to work late, or have a headache.  What I’ve learned from creating personal challenges is that it is okay to fall off track, as long as you don’t waste too much time getting back to it.


Saturday, I got back on track and got my butt back on the treadmill.  I completed a 4.8K run/walk in 39 minutes doing interval training.


One of the best days weather-wise for the whole week.  I didn’t go to the gym, but I took long walk through my favourite areas of Toronto.  I grabbed a coffee in Roncesvalles, walked west towards High park, north to the Junction then east to Lansdowne and south to Bloor.  The weather was perfect.

Week 1 Graphocs

Look towards for Week 2:

  • Week 2 is going to look like week 1.  Most of my running and walking will be on the treadmill, but I will take any opportunity to get outside if the weather allows.  I really want to do some stair climbing the Baldwin steps near Casa Loma, and next Saturday looks like it’s going to be a really nice day *wink*.
  • I need more Yoga, core and strength work!

Onward! Next week’s theme is ‘Almost out on the Road’, my last week of treadmill training before I take my feet to the pavement.


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