New Season, New Goals

The start of Spring has brought some new goals I wasn’t anticipating…

A friend asked me to participate in a 5k run in support of the Youth Life International Relief and I agreed.  The YLIR is a non-profit charitable organization from Toronto that focuses on improving the life of children in rural areas of developing countries through development and rehabilitation of their communities.  The run will be on May 31, 2014 in High Park, which was even more reason to agree to participate.

I have decided to create a running plan in preparation of the event.  I’ve ran before, but not consistently.  This race will be great means to start running and keep running. This new challenge came at a perfect time considering the weather is starting to warm up and it will be a great way for me to enjoy the outdoors and find new ways to exercise outside of the gym.

Since I made the commitment to do this run, I have been reading about running. From what I have found out so far, preparing for a run is not just about lacing up and hitting the pavement.  Training includes easing into a program by walking, running and resting.  Regular exercise is extremely important for core strength, posture, muscle recovery, preventing injury and burn out.  I will be implementing my running training alongside my regular gym schedule and when I am not training, I will focus on doing classes like Body Pump and Yoga.  I have started doing CXWORX again as it is a class that focuses on building core strength.  I am more comfortable spinning, so I will continue with spinning in RPM classes or supplement on days where I can’t run.

Food and Nut

After some research, the below will be the foods I will make sure to consume while training:

  • Calcium rich foods to promote bone strength including milk, cheese and broccoli
  • Whole wheat pasta
  • Vitamin C rich foods like bell peppers, orange and kale
  • Leafy greens
  • Fat Free Yogurt
  • Black beans
  • Salmon
  • Almonds

Run El Sup

I am keeping it simple with the running gadgets:

  • I have downloaded the app RunKeeper to track calories and create running routes
  • I am considering purchasing a Fitbit, perhaps if I find it necessary as I progress in the training plan

Run Fash

My favourite part!  New threads!  I was listening to Dragonette’s Run Run Run as I was making this board.  I am used to high intensity work outs and I know what I like to wear that keeps me comfortable: form fitting bottoms, full support bras, comfortable shoes, and breathable tops.  Since I will be outdoors more often, I have to make sure that I have protection against the sun, headbands to keep my hair out of my face, and an easy way to carry my phone while in movement.Run Run RunThe plan starts Monday March 31, 2014, officially.  Every week has a theme that will help me focus.  See my 5K running plan below.  I have printed it and have it posted at my work desk and in my bedroom to keep me motivated.  It is based on a 7 week program, but since I have 9 weeks until the race, I will start the first two weeks of the plan warming up using a treadmill.  I have found some beginner treadmill routines via PopSugar Fitness.


Since this is my first run/race, I appreciate any wisdom from those who have completed a 5K run/race.  Please comment and share your advice on running/training strategies and food choices that worked for you.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing all of my experiences preparing and completing my first 5K run.


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