All your Hair needs is Love…

What better way to wrap up the weekend than with a little bit of hair lovin’.

On Sunday, I made a deep conditioning hair mask with avocado and some other hair nourishing ingredients.  It was a really good experience with great results, so I wanted to share the recipe.

Deep conditioning is so important, especially during the cold months.  My hair does not like winter.  I probably should shielding my strands from the cold temps with protective styles like twists – but I don’t.  Since I have been a bit of a meanie to my hair, I decided to show it some love and appreciation – on a deeper level.  Get it? Deeper level, deep conditioning?   Okay, I am not funny.

IMG_2807The ingredients are pretty simple.  All can be found in the kitchen:

  • 1/2 a ripe avocado
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp liquid honey
  • 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • 3-4 tbsp coconut milk

Throw all ingredients in a blender (of course, I used my Nutribullet, my BFF), and blend until extremely smooth.

I placed the green goo in my hair, covered with a conditioning cap for an hour then washed out.  Dried my hair and added my leave in conditioner – I use Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner, then styled.

My hair is smoother and shinier with a bit more moisture.

Creating this treatment made me think about the time I was telling some work mates that I loved putting produce like avocado, eggs, yogurt in my hair.  I remember them telling me that I was crazy.   That was a few years ago, so I am sure with all the talk about natural living, using items from the kitchen as beauty items aren’t so bizarre – and if they still don’t know, it’s time to throw some education down right now!

Avocado is great for frizzy or damaged hair.  The oil and protein in avocado locks in moisture and smooths and weighs down frizzy hair.

Coconut Oil stimulates hair growth, adds shine and moisture to dry hair and promotes a healthy scalp.  A healthy, happy scalp = happy hair!
Honey softens and smooths dry, coarse hair and adds shine.  It also promotes healthy hair follicles and scalp.
Olive Oil helps fight bacteria like dandruff, head lice.  Who doesn’t love a nice scalp massage?  They improve blood circulation which stimulates hair growth.  Give your scalp a nice oil massage by moistening your finger tips with olive oil and giving your scalp a gentle massage.
Coconut Oil helps to detangle hair, it provides nourishment from hair roots to ends and can prevent hair loss.
I hope now they are convinced that simple items from the kitchen are good for more than just eating.
When it comes to my haircare, I like to keep it simple.  I do not choose my haircare products solely by smell and I stay away from hair products that contain a lot of chemicals like silicones, isopropyl alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).
Creating your own treatment is cost effective and, but more importantly, you know exactly what the ingredients are –  now that’s showing your hair some love.

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