January’s Goals, February’s Results

UntitledLast Thursday was D Day.  It was the completion of my 5 week, 5 pound weight loss challenge and weigh in day at my dietician’s office.

The scale showed 169 pounds – I lost a total of 2 pounds.

I went into the weigh in nervous but confident.  I knew I lost weight, or inches, because my clothes have been fitting larger.  I have to admit that seeing a 2 pound weight loss was disappointing because I didn’t reach my goal.  When I set goals, the point is to achieve that goal or more, not less.

After sharing my thoughts on My Fitness Pal, one of my fit friends said “progress is progress”.  That was exactly what I needed to hear and realise.  Even though I didn’t reach my goal, I must put it into a positive perspective: Since November 2013 I have shredded and maintained a weight-loss of 7 pounds.  My Body Mass Index is down from 26.04 to 25.  A loss of one more pound will put me back into the ‘normal’ BMI range.  Now that’s motivation to keep going!

I am continuing with goal setting.  My goal for the next 4 weeks will be a weight loss of 5 pounds.   I am looking forward to getting back in the normal BMI range within the next for weeks.  A definite cause for celebration, as I love to celebrate everything.

I am also equipped with new food and exercise strategies, thanks to my dietician and her nutrition intern.  We discussed choosing the right foods to curb bad snacking and to feel full and satisfied as well as ways to increase daily exercise .  Throughout the month, I will share the strategies I have implemented.

I am ending this note with something that has really inspired me.  Lately, I have been getting together with friends I haven’t seen in a while.  It has been so nice to share the choices that we’ve made to get healthier in 2014. Let’s all keep it up and use healthy food choices and physical activity to keep us strong not just for the year, but for the rest of our lives.  This is forever!


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