Hair Growth, Naturally…


Lately  I have been getting a lot of comments on how quickly my hair has been growing.  Back in June 2013, I had a horrible hair cut that had to be re-trimmed and I lost a lot of length.  I was so upset because I was obsessed with hair length and very frustrated that it is really hard to find a stylist that knows how to cut naturally curly hair.

I knew I had to get over it, hair grows back eventually.  Instead of dwelling on it, I decided to get back on track with blending using my Nutribullet.  I have been blending about 2-3 times per week and have noticed the changes in my hair, skin and overall health.

When it comes to promoting hair growth, I have done a lot of reading on what foods promote strong , healthy hair.  I have introduced new vegetables like kale and dandelion into my diet and my skin, hair, even my mood have been reaping the benefits of getting vitamins straight from the source.

Canada’s food guide recommends 7-8 servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  With one blended drink you’re well on your way to meeting that guideline.

Here is what is in my Nutribullet:

Dark coloured vegetables and fruits

Packed with antioxidants like Vitamin A and C, vegetables like spinach, kale and beets help with hair strength, production and scalp circulation.  These veggies also contain vitamin B complex which stimulates hair growth and shine.  If you’re new at blending, I would start with spinach, then try other  dark greens like brocoli, swiss chard and dandelion.

Your Everyday Superfoods

Lemon is full of vitamin C which helps absorb iron that is also found in dark coloured vegetables.  The body also uses vitamin C to build collagen which is very important for hair growth.  It also removes the green taste that a lot of people don’t like.  Ginger reduces dandruff and speeds up the flow of blood to the scalp.  It has overall health benefits including fighting colds, lowering cholesterol and aiding in digestion.  Apples are also rich in vitamins A, B and C and can help prevent hair loss.

Sweet Fruits

When I encourage people to juice or blend, the main reason a lot of people don’t like it is because of the green taste.  If you can’t stomach that grassy taste, add sweet fruits like pineapple, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and mango (my favourite).  These fruits mask the green taste and make the smoothie very enjoyable.  You may just gulp it down so quickly and not even realise that the drink contains vegetables.  These sweet fruits are also full of antioxidants that are beneficial for overall health.

Other tips that I can give from my experience are learning what your type of hair needs and likes.  When you find that out, use products (shampoos, conditioners and styling aids) that have good quality ingredients (not so many chemicals) and treat your hair nicely (minimize heat styling and be sure to deep treat your hair a couple times a month).

I am going to leave you with a very simple recipe you can try in your Nutribullet or blender.  It contains everything you need to encourage healthy and strong hair as well as overall health benefits.

Hair recipe

Star by adding spinach to container.  Add carrot, pineapple, ginger, lemon and berries or mango.

IMG_2751 (2)Add liquid to max line.  If you’re using a machine without a max line, start with 1 cup of liquid, then add more until you get the desired consistency.  You can use water, skim milk, coconut milk, almond milk.  The possibilities are endless!IMG_2752 (2)

Blend and enjoy!



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