Winter Warmth for the Commute to the Gym

I dedicate this post to all of the North American groundhogs, who could not come to a consensus on whether or not we will have having early Spring-like weather or if we will be facing another 6 weeks frigid temperatures.

Since it was a three way tie between the hogs across Canada and in the US, we can believe the opinion of the groundhog that is most credible, or we could listen to Environment Canada’s prediction: more cold weather through the rest of February.

This forecast is the perfect segway for this post because commuting in cold weather can be a bummer.   When I commute to the gym it is usually before/after work, before my music lessons or band practice.  This usually involves me out in the snow, blowing wind, ice, puddles and slush.  It’s so easy to say it’s way too cold, but when it comes down to it, there’s ALWAYS going to be something that is going to deter us from getting to the gym.  It’s best to be prepared with the right gear that keeps us warm and comfortable during the journey.  So, when the next polar vortex comes along, blowing wind and snow in your face in a very mean, old man winter sort of way; you can zig-zag snap and say nuh uh polar vortex, I got this! (You have to do the zig zag snap, or else the whole thing loses it’s effect).warm

  • I prefer to wear Tights or Leggings while I workout.  A form fitting bottom (full length or cropped) stays put and for me, is the most comfortable to move around in.
  • I like to throw on a pair of sweat pants on top of the leggings for an added layer warmth.  They can be quickly removed or kept on until you’re warm.  Sweat pants made of woven materials like cotton or fleece add extra protection against cold wind.
  • A long sleeved running shirt can be thrown on top of a racer back tank for added protection.  It can be kept on for low intensity classes like yoga and removed after a warm up.
  • Winter accessories like a hat, scarf, pair of mittens and wool socks are necessities (you know that already).  Nothing is worse than cold hands and feet.  This season I invested in a pair of North Face cable knit mittens.  In the past, I’ve worn The Bay’s red mittens, which are very warm (and only $10).
  • The most important item, a well insulated coat.  I included a Canada Goose coat in the image because I really want one (wink).  For those of us who can’t afford a $600-1700+ coat, there are many other brands that provide warmth at a lower cost.  I recently purchased a North Face Brooklyn Jacket and it has proven to be very warm.  I always say if you can afford it, a good winter coat is a great investment as you can wear it for seasons to come.
  • Nothing makes me angrier than cold wet feet.  A good quality pair of winter boots and rainboots will keep you from getting that miserable look on your face when your feet get wet.  I’ve had Sorel Joan of Arctic boots for 2 years now.  They are great for walking through deep snow and for spending long periods of time outside.  When there’s a thaw, prancing around in a water tight rubber rainboot is great protection from puddles and slush.

Now we know that hibernation is not an option! The best ways to survive the winter are to invest, embrace and stay active:

  1. Invest in good quality winter gear and dress appropriately for the temperature.
  2. Get outside during the day when the sun is shining!  A little sunshine during the day will help lift your spirits.  Take a look at the scenery.  Winter can be kind of pretty.
  3. Stay active and get involved in winter sports.  I love ice skating!

We’ve made it this far.  Spring is just over a month away.


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