Reflections on a Successful Week

It’s Sunday night and I am feeling really accomplished!  It feels really great to sit back and reflect positively on this week and look forward to another successful week.

The plan I have made to achieve my January Goals is off to a great start.  Every day this week I managed fit physical activity into my schedule:

  • Monday I did Body Pump group exercise at my local GoodLife Fitness location.  In this class, I have been slowly increasing the weight I am lifting to continually challenge myself during my workout.
  • Tuesday I started spinning again in anticipation of the Goodlife Kids Foundation Spin4Kids Spin-a-Thon that I am participating in on March 1, 2014.  Click here to sponsor me!
  • Wednesday I completed another round of Body Pump
  • Thursday I did Body Attack at a GoodLife location in Etobicoke just before my bass lessons.  This was a really challenging class with a great instructor.
  • Friday I did something that I usually NEVER do, which is go to the gym.  I completed an hour circuit training sweat session.  I then completed the Women’s Health Magazine Weekend Fitness Challenge (below), some upper body strength training and work with the stability ball including planks, reverse crunches and pikes.

  • Saturday, I did not go to the gym.  Instead, I did a Pop Sugar Fitness 10 minute routine (below) and a bit of stretching.  The 10 minute exercises are an awesome way to get a quick workout in at home.  They make it so easy to burn calories and the instructors are very motivational.
  • Sunday I did Body Pump (for the third time this week!) along with 20 minutes of circuit training.

I managed to keep the indulge meals from being too extravagant, but I did have some beer, a Kentucky Fried Handshake Sandwich from a new bar on King West called Home of the Brave and some chocolate covered almonds today.

Back to the good behaviour! I am looking forward to keeping up the good work this week.  Now that I see that physical activity can be inserted into my daily routine, there are now no excuses to do any less.  Daily physical activity is just as mandatory as going to work everyday to earn a living.

Here’s to the start of another week with an ‘I damn well know I can do’ attitude!


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