January Goals: Brought to You by the Number 5

Even though it is the second week of January, it feels like this week was the official start of 2014.  A new school year has started, people are returning from holiday vacation – finally, life feels like it’s getting back to ‘normal’.

After the eating extravaganza that was Christmas and New Years, I was looking forward to starting January off with an appointment to see my dietician, Doreen.  We have monthly follow up appointments where she records my weight, we discuss my food and fitness accomplishments/struggles for the previous month, and my goals for the following month.  Unfortunately, she called me last week to let me know she was unable to meet me.

I did, however, weigh in at my doctor’s office on December 19 and was happy to see that I lost 5 pounds, bringing my total poundage of 176 down to 171 pounds – a total BMI of 25.2.  According to the BMI chart I am still overweight, but I am very close to getting back into the healthy or normal BMI range.  I remember staring at the number for a few minutes, feeling so happy and accomplished.

I rescheduled my follow up appointment with Doreen for February 10, 2014.  Since I did so well last month, I have made a goal to lose 5 pounds by the appointment date.  I think it is an achievable goal, but like any other goal in life, I need create a realistic plan in order to attain it.

Five weeks to drop five pounds.  Here’s how I am going to do it:

  • High intensity physical activity at least 5 times per week with 60% cardiovascular training and 40% strength training and stretching
  • Maintaining 1440 daily calorie intake and tracking my meals with My Fitness Pal app
  • I will still have cheat days (Friday-Sunday), but will minimize the amount of cheat meals and increase weekend physical activity
  • Ensure I take in the recommended amount of happy vitamins (like B and D) so that I stay motivated and in good spirits
  • Drink one NutriBullet beverage per day (it’s an easy way to get my daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables)
  • Targeted area training.  For the month of January, I am going to target my butt by including booty targeted workouts.  (Look out for my next post called: January is Looking Bootyful)
  • Take my workout outdoors – burn calories with outdoor sports like ice skating

The Reward:

  • I will be 5 pounds lighter, back in the 160s with only 11 pounds left to shred in order to get to my goal weight of 155 pounds
  • Weighing 166 pounds (at 175cm tall), my BMI will be in the normal range at 24.56
  • My dietician will be so impressed with my accomplishments and I will become her ‘star patient’ again (I’ll explain that in another post)
  • Physical activity will be a great way to stay in good spirits for such a long, cold month
  • For a monetary reward, a new pair of jeans – perhaps in a size 6? (gasp!)

I am very confident this goal is achievable, I’ve done it before and I can do it again.  I’ll be holding myself accountable and checking in mid way to let you know how I am doing.

In the meantime, we can connect on My Fitness Pal and we can motivate each other to stay healthy and physically active.

Kudos to everyone who has made the decision to get healthier for the new year and those who are continuing their healthy lifestyle journey.

Happy New Year!


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