Gym Bag Essentials

It’s January and the fitness craze has begun!  I was out shopping today and noticed most clothing retailers had their active wear merchandised front of shop, targeting those who have chosen fitness as a resolution for the new year.

When I made the decision to commit myself to being more physically active, it was hard (and still is a challenge) to schedule work out time.  I go to school part time, work full time, love spending time with my friends and family, I also take music lessons and play bass guitar in a band.

Making time to squeeze in a daily workout requires desire, commitment, time management and most importantly, preparation!

Being prepared means having a gym bag filled with all of the goodies that I need to have a comfortable workout, as well as the items that I need to prepare myself for the rest of my day.

Here’s a list of my gym bag essentials:


  1. Adidas Strength Duffel Bag. A gym bag – very essential, right?  My bag must have storage compartments, ventilated areas for shoes and clothes, and of course, it must be durable and easy to carry.  Right now, I am on the hunt for a gym bag with the same features above, but is also washable.
  2. Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant.  Helps me keep fresh and smelling lovely while I’m sweating buckets!
  3. Yes to Cucumbers On the Go Facial Towelettes.   I really try to avoid wearing makeup while working out.  It is not good for the pores and the dripping makeup/pancake face is not a good look!  The YTC Towelettes are gentle, remove the majority of makeup, they don’t have a harsh perfume and the package has a resealable flap that makes them easy to travel with.
  4. Nivea Hydro Care Lip Balm.   This lip balm is the best that I’ve tried as it provides long lasting moisture.
  5. Flip Flops.  For fear of germs, I refuse to step into a gym shower without a pair of flip flops! You can get a pair of flip flops from stores like Old Navy or Joe Fresh for under $10.
  6. Brita Water Bottle.  One of my favourite fitness purchases of 2013.  It’s travel friendly and I can get filtered water no matter where I am!  The best part is it makes me a bit of an environmental super hero because I don’t buy those wasteful plastic bottles of water *flexes super hero muscle*.
  7. Goody Headbands.   These ouchless bands keep ‘the beast’ that is my hair out of my face.  I have a lot of hair so I like to pull it back or up in a puff while working out.  Each headband is durable for 3-5 uses (they eventually get stretched out).
  8. Nivea Creme.   Nivea is my favourite brand of face and body cream.  My skin is very dry especially in the winter, so I like intense moisture.  This product is great for moisturizing before and after a workout.
  9. Lululemon The Small Towel.  When I bought this towel, I asked the sales associate how to justify an $18 piece of fabric? (mainly because…I’m one of those difficult customers).  I bought it anyway and it has become my favourite towel to use either on a yoga mat or as a face towel.  It is absorbent and very easy to wash.
  10. Toiletry Bag.  Great for bringing soap, makeup, a toothbrush, face wash or any other toiletries needed to get a fresh face on after the gym.
  11. Reusable Bag.  Store dirty clothes, towels, flip flops and anything else that should be separated from the other essentials in my bag.
  12. Headphones.  This is an essential item as there is nothing more important than listening to some motivating music while working out.
  13. Pad Lock.   Do not leave your belongings in an unlocked locker!  I’ve been to so many fitness centres where I have seen phones, iPods, clothing and shoes in unlocked lockers.  Protect your stuff by purchasing a pad lock.  If you can’t get to a store to purchase, many gyms have pad locks for purchase at their front desk.

Quite a few items, but each so very important to create a comfortable workout and ensure that I can easily prepare myself for the rest of my day.  I find that preparing my bag the night before makes it easier to grab n’ go in the morning.

What are your gym bag essentials?


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